About Antaraa

about Antaraa Jewellers

mission & vision

Mission - To constantly improvise in jewellery designs in order to keep up with the latest trends and fashion alongside maintaining the authenticity of the jewellery and providing customers with the best service, experience & quality jewellery.

Vision - Our vision is to grow huge as a stand-alone brand in the jewellery industry in Goa and all over India.

About Antaraa

Diamonds & Gold

Antaraa Diamonds & Gold store, located in Ponda - Goa, was inaugurated on the 18th of February 2017, by the hands of the talented and very beautiful Indian Actress Bhagyashree.

Antaraa Jewellers is not just a jewellery store but a brand on its own. In only two years of its inception, Antaraa has managed to establish itself as an independent stand-alone brand in the jewellery market and gained the trust of many people.

The idea behind its launch was to initiate variation in the traditional Goan jewelleries in order to meet the customer needs and get improvement in the falling traditional Goan jewellery market. The aim is to provide the customers with new patterns and trends that they look out for in this era of modernization.

Antaraa focuses on delivering superior quality diamond & gold jewellery while maintaining highest purity of the jewellery and giving excellent service through highly trained staff. Its product portfolio comprises of antique classic & unique traditional jewellery to modern & trendy variation of the traditional jewellery and has a huge variety in various product categories.

Antaraa promises to offer designs and assortments that are designed keeping in mind the requirements and preferences of all customers. Addressing the customer need to have different varieties of jewellery for various occasions and as per the latest trends in the market. Antaraa offers a fine blend of traditional and modern jewellery options. The jewellery ranges from daily and work wears to evening and cocktail to exquisite jewellery in different designs and contemporary patterns.

~History of Antaraa~

Founded in 2017 by the owner Mr. Auduth Raikar, Antaraa Diamonds & Gold is a sub-group of Raikar Jewellers the parent company. Raikar jewellers, established in 1989 by Mr. Auduth Raikar and is a well reputed jewellery store who has managed to set its feet firmly in the jewellery industry. Raikar jewellers started off as a small jewellery store, did exceptionally well over the years and managed to expand their business to a great extent making them a trusted company that is much appreciated by the people widely. Despite of making a good business and having earned a good reputation, Mr. Auduth Raikar felt the need to establish another firm in the form of a completely new brand. The reason for this need was that big jewellery firms from outside Goa were putting up showrooms and stores in Goa and this led to the fall of market for authentic Goan jewellery. People started getting fascinated by the variation they were getting and that of course effected the Goan culture, the local Goan jewellers and the tradition Goan jewellery market. He wanted to give people the variation they wanted in the traditional Goan Jewellery itself & in this way also ensure our culture wouldn’t get lost amidst

Why choose us?:

Antaraa Diamonds & Gold abides 4 golden rules:

1] First, the product you sell should be of the best quality. We sell gold and diamond jewelleries of best quality and purity. If your product only isn’t good enough then how will your business be? Quality is what customers seek for. Quality is the ultimate factor on which trust is established. And business excels when it gains trust from its customers.

2] Second, customer-focused services and employees must be incorporated. When it comes to business only having good quality product is not enough. Employees also play a crucial role in the operating and functioning of the business. How good we are is reflected by how good our team is. Our team is highly skilled and trained in order to deliver excellent customer service. The greatest quality our employees possess is their ever smiling faces and ability to handle clients patiently. This makes our relation with our clients even better.

3] Third, the provision of highly differentiated products and improvised designs from time to time is necessary to help achieve the goal of improvement. We constantly strive to keep up with the latest trends and fashions in the jewellery industry. Just as how change is constant in a person’s everyday life, change is necessary in businesses. Variations are a must. Innovations and evolution are things people look up to. To survive in any industry, incorporation of variation is necessary.

4] Fourth, on time delivery of orders. Antaraa highly values time and takes every measure to ensure timely delivery of products to the customers. Standard procedures are incorporated to do the same. Work is started as soon as the order is placed. Our craftsmen give their 100% to complete the orders on time along with taking great care in the production and details.

From the Owner’s Desk:

Mr. Auduth Raikar

Difficult times only test our honesty, hard work and patience.

Past store: Raikar Jewellers

Back then in 1989, when I opened up my first jewellery store- Raikar Jewellers, we did not have much jewellery pieces and had started entirely from scratch. There were like around 4 necklaces, a few earrings and a few more jewellery pieces and there weren’t any chairs either. We had what we had and started with it without any complaints because we were grateful for it. At that time it wasn’t possible nor convenient to get more things for the shop immediately. We grew out from then nothing to now a successful independent brand. There was a lot of struggle involved in the process to gain this position and the trust of people. It could have been excluded if we had to take shortcuts like most people. But we refused to do that. Simply because it was against our ethics. My father always said difficult times only test our honesty, hard work and patience. And that has been the foundation of our business.

To reach to greater heights it requires to put a lot of time, efforts and investments also. Once you get to that height either people admire you or dislike you. People may say they managed to reach that point of success now everything is set for them, but the truth is the struggle down remains the same. The same amount of time, efforts and investments or rather more is required to maintain that position. The hustle must remain constant! Our efforts to strive for customer satisfaction must increase every day to give results. Nothing in life comes easy. We have to start somewhere and with what we have to achieve more in the coming time. Lastly we all need to believe in ourselves because if we don’t, no one will. My motto is to keep improvising & growing as a brand and I believe I will. We already have grown over the years from nothing to this much and yet there is a lot more left to achieve. We promise you the trust will never shake even the slightest and you will have a great experience shopping with us with our quality products and our dedicated staff that take the utmost care in providing superior client service.

What makes us a brand?

Our Jewellery are made of 916 hallmark certified gold. 916 is nothing but 22 carat gold & considered ideal in making jewellery because pure gold is too fragile. Hallmark term is used to denote the certified quality of gold & is affiliated on gold jewellery by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Being hallmarked guarantees that the quality of the gold is the same as claimed by the seller and the customers are not cheated upon.

Our jewellery is made in-house. Right from melting the gold to polishing it! We have our personal craftsmen employed and also have all the machineries required like the latte machine, polishing machine, etc. The gold is also melted in-house to make sure purity is preserved. Then assembling, polishing and finishing are done.

Right from the start, when Raikar jewellers was launched, we have made it a point to put our stamp on all our jewellery pieces and we do it till date. For Raikar Jewellers, it was a stamp of the letters ‘RJ’. For Antaraa, Antaraa Diamonds & Gold logo is put as the stamp. This is done to guarantee authenticity, purity and quality. And differentiates our jewellery from others and makes it easy for us as well as the customers to recognize it.

Now comes the final show stealer. It is our Gold Testing Machine (GTM). Using the Gold Testing Machine is an accurate, non-destructive, easy and quick way to test the purity of gold.

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