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Brooch - The trending and personalizing accessory!

When it comes to accessorizing yourself for an important office meeting or a formal office party or simply a function, event or a cool party or to enhance your everyday look, the “Brooch” makes for a perfect accessory that you can choose over heavy dazzling earrings or neckpiece, to give yourself the elegant, personalized yet trendy look. The “Brooch” along with the “Pin” is one of the trendiest accessory in the western countries that people are obsessed with and now it is gaining huge popularity in India too!

This small accessory will make you a big fan of it once you start wearing it, if you haven’t already. There are now so many ways of wearing this wonderful accessory which you must try and we bet you will be left surprised by the impact this small jewellery can make on your overall look!!

These Brooches are available in wide range of designs, sizes and materials. The very formal ones are made of gold, silver or other expensive metals and studded with diamonds precious stones and gems, having shapes that mostly are decorative and sometimes have a deep meaning attached to it. The latest trendy ones are designed to give a funky look even to your formal attire and also goes greatly with your casual attire. They come in vivid shapes including smileys, various symbols and materials like owls, flowers, ties, mustaches, fishes, animals, birds, leaves, and different objects, vintage, hand embroidered, brooches with attached chain and may also include very personalized designs.

We have filtered a few ways of wearing the Brooch, which you should must definitely give a shot. Check them out below:

1] On the Shirt, specifically on the shirt pocket:

This style of wearing the Brooch was presented by Versace, in the year 2016. This is one of the easy, comfortable, fun and practical ways of wearing the Brooch. Considered as one of the most feminine and classic way of handling a brooch. Makes your casual look elegant and gives a personalized touch to a formal look. Can be worn on or just above the pocket.

2] On the Collar:

This style makes a bold statement on your otherwise plain shirts. It’s worn most commonly on the tie space covering the button. New trends have come up which includes a small chain connecting two pieces of the brooch worn at the collar points, or simply two small brooches at the collar points. This style fits perfectly into the office of 21st Century and stands out especially on plain white shirts.

3] On a hat:

Wearing a brooch on a hat will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Brooch goes very well with Berets, and also with beanies, floppy hats, small hats, fedoras, flat caps and other hats. It gives the plain and simple hats an extra glitz.

4] On your Bags:

Women are crazy about bags. Whether it’s the bag or the handle of the bag, adding a brooch can make all the more elegant and graceful. It is also an easy way to reuse your damaged expensive bags. Just add a piece of cloth behind the hole and place the brooch on it. Voila! You’re ready to slay it up again.

5] On the Lapels:

Pinning brooches on Lapels is a classic way of wearing the brooch that will never get out dated. May it be the lapel of your blazer, coat or suit, pinning a brooch has always been a tradition in most places. It is considered ‘The Traditional Look’.

6] On your Jackets:

Jackets are such amazing clothing and sometimes are very detailed. Brooches look great on jackets, especially denims. Jackets are the first thing people notice and by pinning a brooch on it you can give it glam look! Not just one, multiple brooches can be pinned on jackets, but you got to be careful not to overdo it!

7] On Scarfs:

Wrapping scarves around your neck on the shoulders and pinning a brooch to it is the most common way to wear it. Not only does it look good and stylish, but also holds it in place. It provides an attraction spot on your plain scarf.

8] On the waistline or the belt:

When worn on a simple dress with a waistline or on a simple belt, brooches have the capability to change the entire look of your attire with its zing & glam!

9] As a jewellery:

You can make a simple chain much attractive by simply adding a brooch to it as a pendant or make a unique neckpiece by aligning multiple brooches of different sizes on the chain. Create your unique designs and flaunt it.

10] To fit your large sized cloths:

The original purpose of the brooch was to adjust oversized cloths and still make it look good. All you need to do is gather up the extra clothing may be behind your back or on the sideways near your hip and pin it up with the brooch. Done! You’re all set to go.

11] Wearing multiple small brooches:

It’s a very trendy & funky thing to wear multiple brooches on jackets, t-shirts, bags and still get a personalized touch. Perfect for casual or party wear!