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India is a country of diverse landforms & cultures. Every state in India has its own culture and traditions. In each state people speak different languages, have vivid and colorful tradition costumes and attires that have deep significance & moral values, different types of local & special food and age-old rituals, functions and ceremonies that vary from state to state. With so many diversities in every aspect, there certainly are diversities in festivals and wedding ceremonies and rituals, the entire look of groom and bride varies from place to place, also does the jewellery!

Speaking of diversities, Goa, despite being the smallest state, has a large number of uniquely vivid and colorful festivals like no other state and is filled with a lot of fun and charm.. The tradition and culture differs vastly from other states and so does the Goan Weddings and the Goan Traditional Jewellery. The traditional Goan jewellery designs are quite unique and may range from simple to intricate ones.

These traditional Goan jewelleries are important in Goan weddings, and to the bride to complete her bridal look since they have cultural value attached to it. They are also worn by Goan women on different occasions and functions specially festivals and ceremonies to enhance their looks.

Different jewellery pieces are available for different parts of the body, which are depicted below:-

-For hands:

• Bajubandh

• Patli

• Goth

• Tode

• Pichodi

• Kakna/ Bangles

• Black/ Orange Beads Bangles

• Diamond Bangles

• Pearl Bangles

• Coin Bangles

-For Ears:

• Ved / Kundya

• Bali

• Kaan

• Vel

• Pake

• Earrings of different types

• Rings

-For Nose:

• Nath

• Nose pin/ring


• Mangalsutra

• Chain

• Galsiri

• Goof

• Pearl & coral Mala/necklace

• Laxmi haar

-For Head:

• Ambada aati

-For Legs:

• Paijan/Payal

• Vedi