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India is a country of diverse landforms & cultures. Every state in India has its own culture and traditions. In each state people speak different languages, have vivid and colorful tradition costumes and attires that have deep significance & moral values, different types of local & special food and age-old rituals, functions and ceremonies that vary from state to state.

Brooch - The trending and personalizing accessory!

When it comes to accessorizing yourself for an important office meeting or a formal office party or simply a function, event or a cool party or to enhance your everyday look, the “Brooch” makes for a perfect accessory that you can choose over heavy dazzling earrings or neckpiece, to give yourself the elegant, personalized yet trendy look. The “Brooch” along with the “Pin” is one of the trendiest accessory in the western countries that people are obsessed with and now it is gaining huge popularity in India too!

Facts about gold

Here are a few fun facts of the Gold Metal that will probably make you wonder about this precious luxury!